Wedding Planning by the Season

spring wedding

Wedding planning by the season could be a challenge if you don’t prepare yourself as early as you can. We tried to cover all the different aspects for every wedding season, so if you have any issues choosing the best wedding season for you – read this article first.

Planning and preparation of the wedding usually takes between 3 and 6 months.

Sometimes and for larger projects it’s up to a year.

Most of the pregnant women are hesitant about which season or what time of the year would fit the best for your wedding.

Every season has its own beauty, so we tried to get to know all the pluses and minuses. Wedding planning by the season can be a real challenge if you don’t know what is the best practice.

You will be surprised by all the positive aspects of each season and we will also let you know you about the details of the theme, the colors and the style of the wedding, depending on what time of the year you have chosen.

Wedding in Spring

  • Pros: The freshness of the blooming flowers, the fabulous romance of the first sun rays.
  • Useful advice: Bet on delicate, pastel colors and natural materials when choosing wedding decorations.
  • Pay attention: Despite the good weather, spring often gives us surprises and surprises us with unexpected rains. If you are planning a wedding under the sky, consider to rent or buy a wedding tent. The most suitable month for spring weddings is May. It is this season that you get some of the most beautiful wedding photos, because the nature itself brings a unique background.

Wedding in Summer

  • Pros: Summer is one of the most popular wedding seasons, because it offers a warm, sunny and bright mood and weather at all. The season implies a huge selection of colors that you can use in your wedding decorations.
  • Useful advice: Choose an outdoor wedding or outdoor ritual with nautical themes, as well as rustic or bohemian style. Be creative because this is the least time this season. The appropriate months are July and August. Summer is the season of natural outfits, ethereal dresses and elegant, unobtrusive hair styles for brides. You can also plan a romantic love story or a wedding photo session on the seashore that will make your photos really impressive.
  • Note: Due to the great interest in the summer season, most suitable venues are booked very early. Do not leave everything for the last minute and book a restaurant or hotel at least 5-6 months earlier. In addition, summer is a holiday season and, in order not to put your guests in an unpleasant situation, notify them a few months earlier by sending them save-the-day card.

Getting Married in the Autumn

  • Pros: Unique autumn colors, nice weather as it’s neither warm nor cold, lower prices compared to summer if you plan a seaside location or a wedding abroad.
  • Useful advice: Unconditional, the natural colors of the Autumn are in the warm range of orange, coffee, yellow and red. You can diversify the wedding decoration by adding seasonal fruits such as apples and mini pumpkins to the colors. Appropriate wedding themes are Halloween or The Great Gatsby, while styling implies a selection of vintage or retro styles.
  • Pay attention: The probability of rain is high, so do not risk to book an outdoor venture. Take a look at your towel, making sure to provide a cloak and umbrella. Best months are September and early October.

Winter Wedding

  • Pros: Although the most rarely preferred wedding season by the newlyweds due to the cold weather, the Winter gives us the opportunity to experience a real perfect tale: fluffy snow, pre-holiday mood, warmth and coziness. Besides, if you are planning a wedding during the winter season, it will certainly cost you much cheaper.
  • Useful advice: Bet on the classic winter wedding. Combination of silver, gold and white or traditional red-green platinum, winter twigs in the wedding decoration and many candles. Even the Christmas tree will bring your guests into a real fairy tale. You can plan a predicted or wedding photo session by inserting into white horses, a winter carriage, a beautiful A-line wedding dress combined with a suitable windmill. The original gift idea for guests would be an attractive wrapped gentleman’s bowl and bottle with a hot chocolate blend for the ladies.
  • Pay attention: Prepare yourself for the cold weather by providing warm top clothes. Booking a restaurant, especially on holidays, can become a challenge, so consider this detail earlier. Don’t forget to notify the guests for your plans, because as we already mentioned, Winter is a holiday season.


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