[Ultimate Guide] How to Plan the Wedding Party Without Agency

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If you reached this article after searching in web for one of the most common questions for every bride – “How to Plan the Wedding Party Without a Wedding Agency”, then you are reading the right guide for you and when you finish it you will feel ready to organize the best wedding party.

The most beautiful moment for most ladies is when they say “YES!” to their beloved man. The magic is reinforced by the presence of all friends and relatives whose emotions lead into the common euphoria.

From there it starts with the question “Come on, when will the wedding be? After a month, two or a year? “The truth is that you should not allow relatives and friends to influence your decision.

1. Planning the Wedding Budget

Have you faced up to this stage of the preparation and decided that the wedding will be held?

Have you chosen the fateful date already?

If yes, then the next step, that is coming up is the budget. In most cases, it is difficult to fit into the budget, especially if you plan your wedding party by yourself.

We advise you to try to stay close to the budget you have set, and if you can fit into it, then you have done it the right way.

2. The Wedding Venue

The second and most important thing is where you want your wedding ceremony will be held.

Whether it’s on the beach, in the wood or in a restaurant, this issue needs to be resolved quickly and adequately, so you can book the best venue for you, before someone else to overtake you.

Of course, you will need a list with the guests you have decided to invite in order to find the place that will be comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate all guests.

3.  Wedding Video operator, Photographer, DJ, Hairdresser and Make-up artist.

These five things are once again really important for your event to be able to recreate your wedding even more impressive and fabulous.

You have to be sure that they are proven professionals and meet your expectations for price and quality.

4. It is time to book an hour for your civil and church marriage

In order to have enough time for a photo session and a short break, it is very important that you have correctly distributed the time between all the major moments, because believe us, you will be really tired.

Еverything must be within reasonable limits, because it is a bit annoying for the guests, when there is a lot of time between the events, and it also seems like a disrespect for them.

On this day, all the guests, not just you, are also really important. After all, they are the people you will have fun with.

5. Choosing the Wedding Theme

The next thing is something that we find really inspirational and interesting – the theme of your wedding.

You can turn your wedding party into a fairy tale or whatever you want.

It can be tropical, retro, snowy, classic or even recreate some of your favorite movie.

Everything is possible, you only need a little imagination. And why not add a dress-code, with which every guest will be a hero in your story.

If you’ve decided to add a dress-code, it’s important to announce it in your wedding invitations, which is the next important point in our wedding organizing guide.

6. How to choose Wedding Invitations

If all this has passed, guess what time it is? Of course, for the wedding invitations!

This moment can be very exciting and enjoyable, but it can be quite confusing.


Well, because there are so many different types of invitations to literally get you confused!

So you can read our post – Top 20 on different types of invitations and get an idea of ​​what you want and look for.



7. Wedding Decorations – Wedding Gifts, Table cards, etc.

Now you probably already have chosen a wedding theme and the invitations as well, so now it’s time for choosing wedding gifts, table cards and all sorts of other decorations for home, rituals and also for the place where the event will take place.

Remember you have to follow your wedding theme and stick to the colors you have chosen to make everything look perfect as one whole thing (we have already mention that in our wedding invitations guide).

The unique detail may be something small, but it must be included everywhere, as well as the flowers and the ribbons for the chairs and even the napkins.


8. Wedding rings

It is good to think about it a month or two before the wedding party, because the producing time is different for every store or workshop.

Traditionally, the wedding rings have to be the same for the both of you and your partner, but today this is one of the traditions that we do not keep at any cost.

Quite often it happens that the bride and groom have different opinions, so it is better to discuss this before going to buy the wedding rings.

Remember that one of the secrets of a successful and happy marriage is making compromises.

9. The Wedding Dress

The most exciting moment has come. It is time for the bride’s dress and the groom’s costume.

This is the moment every future bride dreams of.

It is very important to know what you are looking for, whether the dress will be custom made or will be bought pre-made.

In advance, you must  have identified a number of different models and variations to make it easier for yourself as well as for the consultant or the dressmaker.

But sometimes, the model you have chosen does not seem to be the right one for you at all.

So it’s a good idea to listen to people’s advice and try a radically different dress from what you liked.

Bridegrooms, we have not forgotten you.

Among men, as there are some guys who can choose a suit from the first store, there are also those who are a bit more capricious and it’s a bit difficult for them to find the right suit.

You can pick a few different ideas for outfits and stick to them.

You can also go to different malls, stores and workshops and try different models until you find the best one.

Most of the guys will bet on the classic black suit, but why should you be like everyone else?

You can let even the basic color of your wedding to be present as an emphasis on the costume.

It it may be on your handkerchief or tie.

Be unique, on this day you are the most important person.

10. The Bridal bouquet

On the wedding day, this is one of the most important accessories of a future bride.

It should also be combined with the overall decoration and it would be a good thing whatever flowers are used to decorate the same in the bridal bouquet.

Traditionally, by the end of the evening, all ladies who are not married are gathered and the bride has to throw the bouquet, and the one who catches him soon will become a bride.

It would be sad to break the bride with her bouquet rather than keep it.

We can advise you to have two bouquets, one real and one for the ritual. So you can keep it and have it for your memory.

11. The Wedding cake

This is the moment that every guest expects and not only because of the type or taste of the cake, but also because of the funny games with it.

It is also very important to include this in the theme of the wedding.

It must be unique and memorable.

Do not stop at the first confectioner.

It has to be proven, in order to be sure of its skills.

You have to try different types to choose the right wedding cake, both in design and in taste.


12. Little things

You can buy them on the day you choose the theme of the wedding or even in the last few weeks of the preparation.

You wondering what exactly do we mean by little things?

Here are some of them – buttonholes, ritual cups, luck, book of wishes + pen and gift box.


And if all this seems complicated and impossible for you, it’s never too late to hire a wedding agent to take over the whole organization, but you will have to know that everything will be many times more expensive.

You can try at least – it’s not so difficult as it seems and if you follow the points on the list step-by-step, then everything will be much easier for you.

Enjoy your wedding!


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