Top 20 Wedding Invitation Themes of All Time


Top 20 Wedding Invitation Themes of All Time

The wedding invitation should always fit the wedding theme and reflect your mood and emotions, because it is one of the most important wedding design elements. For your wedding invitation design you can use butterflies, satin, organza, beads, roses, sunflowers, cinnamon or whatever you actually want. The color of the invitation should also be similar to the overall decoration in the restaurant / venue.

1. Wedding invitations with Floral elements

Recently, wedding invitations with floral elements are extremely preferred by the grooms.

With flowers, petals, palm trees, cacti, colors and greenery, you will discreetly give a hint to your guest how beautiful and colorful wedding you will have!

Classic Floral Wedding Invitation Petite Cards – $88.00

Created for you by Minteds global community of designers our invitation designs will set the perfect tone for your wedding day. With unique designs printed on luxe paper all wedding invitations are available with several matching accessories.


2. Wedding invitations  with dark background and metal accents

save the date gold foil dark background
Simple and Cheap Idea for Save The Date Invitation with Dark Background and Gold Foil Letters.
You can find it at Minted for ~$1.69 per piece

Metallic nuances are very popular lately in the accents of wedding decoration.

Shades of copper and rose gold appear on table cards, menus, bridesmaid dresses and even wedding cakes.

Actually this is one of the hottest trends in wedding invitations and it looks really awesome.

For your wedding invitation, you can include a metallic color and to be sure that it will stands out, place it on a dark paper, for example black or navy blue.

3. Marble wedding invitations

Amazing Effect Marble Golden Foil Wedding Invitation
This is an amazing example of a Marble Wedding Invitation with Gold Foil Background.
You can find it at Minted for ~$2.70 per piece

This turns out to be one of the hottest trends in wedding invitations for last years!

If you are looking for a modern, luxury and minimalistic wedding invitation, choose something with white, gray or black background, mixed with marble colors or shades of grey.

4. Watercolor wedding invitations

Beautiful example of a fully editable Purple Watercolor Wedding Invitation Template.
You can download it for absolutely free from here.

The soft and elegant look of watercolors can be quite romantic, making it ideal for a wedding invitation that will make you fall in love.

You can use any combination of paper and ink to achieve the desired effect.

The design can be clean or multicolored, depending on the overall look and layout of the wedding.



5. Laser cut wedding invitations

Romantic choice of laser cut wedding invitation. Beautiful details and a nice usage of deep blue color. Source:

You can not cut the wedding invitation with scissors in the same way with all the details that the laser can get, but do not worry.

Laser cutting is done with a real laser beam and can get even the finest details, making your invitation really amazing!

This paper cutting method allows you to create 3-D designs and unexpected shapes. Laser cutting is a type of innovation and sometimes it can not be an easy task to find a workshop that will work with a laser cutter.

6. Handwritten calligraphy wedding invitations

Glam Calligraphy Wedding Invitation with rose gold details
Glam Calligraphy Wedding Invitation with rose gold details and beautiful Calligraphy Handwritten Letters Source:

Calligraphy is an art and usually requires a calligrapher for hire.

Often calligraphy wedding invitations cost really expensive, because calligraphy requires plenty of practice, and can’t be learned overnight.

Don’t worry – you can use our free templates and after choosing your favorite free calligraphy font, you can add your names and make your invitation unique.


7. Forest Wedding Invitations

Forest Wedding Invitation with beautiful colors and background image. Source:

Nature lovers will fall in love with this kind of wedding invitations.

Mountain or forest picture on the background, combined with wooden decorations, some craft paper and paper covered craft wire.

These things will make your wedding invitation really adorable.

8. Rustic Wedding Invitations


For those of you who will choose a rustic theme for their wedding, invitations should also be entirely in this style.

You can use wooden labels, lace, hemp and tat. And if you decide to combine them with some of the other trends, you will give a new personal look to this popular theme.

9. Wedding invitations looking like travel tickets


Nowadays, thematic weddings are becoming more and more popular.

Couples organize airplane style celebrations or celebrations like a film awards ceremony.

Thinking about the details of such a wedding, you should not forget about the invitations. They can look exactly like airplane tickets.

With the right choice of design, you will make your guests completely impressed.

10. Bohemian Wedding Invitations

Bohemian style wedding invitations use bright and rich colors that create a sense of happiness and joy.

Do not be afraid to use your imagination. Feel free to experiment with different textures, colors, unusual decorations.

For wedding invitations in this style it is absolutely justified to use fabrics, fringes, beads and laces. At the same time, the wedding invitation in Boho style can be very simple and clean. In this case, it is basically made of cardboard and decorated with flowers or feathers.

11. Pastel Colors Wedding Invitations

Simple and Clean Pastel Colors Wedding Invitation
Source: Freepik

The invitation in pastel colors is a great choice for any wedding.

The design is clean and as simple as possible.

Choose the invitation color to be in tune with your celebration and be sure – everyone will appreciate your good taste.

The most popular colors for this wedding style are mint and lavender.

12. Geometric Wedding Invitations

Awesome Geometric Wedding Design with Golden Lines by @Customize_My_Wedding
Source: Zazzle

Geometric wedding invitations describe your unusual style, courage and originality.

Bright and even seemingly inappropriate colors look perfect in a combination with geometric shapes.

Triangles, squares and all other correct shapes will give your guests a special mood. Also for this style of wedding invitations the Chevron print is very suitable (correct V – shaped forms).


13. Wedding invitations with agate

Agate Wedding Invitations with Navy Blue & Gold Foil
Amazing Agate Wedding Invitations with Navy Blue & Gold Foil by Chic Paperie @

These curved masterpieces are both natural and brilliant, which means they are the starting point for any of your wedding decorations – from paper details to the wedding cake itself.

14. Wedding invitations with pressed foil

This is an amazing example of a Marble Wedding Invitation with Gold Foil Background.
You can find this one or similar at Minted for ~$2.50 per piece

With this technique you can bring metallic glitter on the invitations.

Gold really stands out when it’s placed over dark and bright colors as well.

15. Wedding invitations with illustrations

Amazing illustrated wedding invitations from design studio Me & E Source:

You can leave your own footprint on the wedding invitation by choosing to use an illustration of the both of you or an illustration of where the celebration will take place.

This way, your invitation will not only look different and unique, but it will also attract more attention to your guests so they will feel special.

16. Classic Wedding Invitation

Classic Type Wedding Invitation Petite Cards100 pieces for just $88.00 

Regardless of the year, the season and fashion trends, there are still newlyweds who prefer the classic and clean white invitation.


The white color is a symbol of elegance and style, but it is also considered as the color of perfection.

And also what could be better than having a perfect wedding? If you prefer classic and clean style – this kind of invitation would be best suited to you.

17. Digital Wedding Invitation

Now it’s time to mention something for those who are admirers of the modern trends. Namely the new and more budget-friendly – the digital wedding invitation.

As an idea, it sounds good, because we say that today everyone has an e-mail. Yes, but not exactly! What will you tell to your grandmother, who does not know what the internet is and that she will receive her invitation by e-mail? Not to mention that when the invitation will not be delivered personally and is actually not even real, but it is somewhere between the tons of the received emails.

This could even affect some of the closest guests to the wedding. Of course, everyone has their own preferences and understanding of their wedding.

You can see the pros and cons of the digital invitation in our special article about the differences between the traditional and the digital wedding invitations.

18. Chocolate Wedding Invitation

Chocolate wedding invitations are an ideal choice for couples who love stylish and sophisticated but prefer to escape standard practice as regards their wedding.

Besides the various types of chocolate invitations, the gifts for the guests can be chocolate, as well as table and place cards.

The main color of the wedding in this case can be dark brown, gold, rose gold, mint, fuchsia or copper.

19. Wedding invitation with sea elements

Painted Sea Wedding Invitation Petite Cards$88.00 for 100 pieces

This will bring your guests to the sea, experiencing your beautiful love story together with you. Best main color for your wedding could be any shade of blue, purple or yellow.


Many brides dream of marrying a fabulous seashore, under the rays of the setting sun and the gentle sounds of the waves.

If you are one of them, but unfortunately you are not near the sea, you can recreate a sea picture with incredible decoration of mussels, rapa whelks, fishing nets and sand around them.

20. Non-traditional Wedding Invitations

If your hobby or business is related to photography, you can make your wedding invitation as a string with different photos.

If you are a fan of video games it can be made as a disk or a floppy disk. And for all the movie maniacs – a collage.

Just choose your favorite movie, put some imagination and invite your family and friends not just to a wedding but to a real Hollywood blockbuster. These ideas for wedding invitations are not only extraordinary, but also very entertaining.


This was our top 20 on various kinds of invitations and we hope we’ve been able to help and inspire you at the same time.


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